Manage Conflict & Disputes/JFGC Workshop 7 points

Manage Conflict and Disputes (3.5 points) LIVE81 9.00am – 12.30pm

Richard Boyd presents this great workshop on the types of conflict and how they  impact upon business morally, legally and in terms of productivity.  Learn techniques for resolving conflict as well as designing and implementing a conflict resolution strategy.  He also discusses relevant legislation and role of leadership in creating safe workplaces.

Understanding the JFGC  (3.5 POINTS) LIVE79   1.00pm – 4.30pm

This is an interactive workshop with Tracey Mills which will provide an overview of the changes to the Joint Form of General Conditions 2018. Scenarios form part of the training so the participant is actively using the Joint Form of General Conditions to address these and in turn provide the appropriate section of the JFGC to solve the scenario as well as looking at the role of the representative when writing contracts to minimise the potential for disputes.  Absolutely fantastic feedback on this one.

Book both sessions or come along for just one half day course.

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