Sales Representative Registration Course

You will learn the personal and legislative requirements of professional practice in real estate, including a thorough understanding of the business structures, regulatory framework, code of conduct as well as professional practice standards, employment opportunities and communication strategies and resolving complaints.

Learn about working ethically in real estate and understand the standards required, including minimising financial and reputational risk to yourself, your client and the agency by following consumer protection requirements contained within the Code of Conduct.
Learn about the legislative framework, structure and impact of legislation in real estate work, how to interpret legislation and maintain currency.
Gain an understanding of the methods of marketing and communicating and learn the types, value and purpose of different communication strategies as well as developing a personal profile for marketing and communication purposes.

Learn about agency trust accounts, terminology, legislation governing the operation of trust accounts and common inaccuracies in trust account transactions.

Learn about appraisal methods and the appropriate type for different situations, research and analysis of property market conditions and attributes as well as various appraisal reports and presentation methods.

Understand the appraisal report, negotiate a marketing plan, prepare marketing materials, implement the marketing plan, identify target markets, review and report on the marketing plan and it’s effectiveness.

Learn to plan activities to achieve property listings, confirm vendor needs and expectations, prepare and conduct a listing presentation, complete a listing agreement, set up a communication plan and understand record management.

Understand the process in establishing, developing and managing positive relationships with buyers, including understanding their needs and expectations and matching them to property as wells as maintaining engagement throughout the buying process.

Learn the available sale methods, presenting property for sale, negotiating sales between the vendor and buyer and facilitating the completion of the sale contract.

Understand establishing and maintaining vendor and lessor relationships to prepare a prospecting plan with timeframes to attract vendors and lessors for the sale and lease of commercial properties, documentation for the listing for sale and lease of commercial property.

Learn about negotiating the terms and conditions of the sale of different commercial properties including the execution of sale documentation and monitoring contract settlements as well as in tenanted properties, facilitating the lease arrangements.

This is about working with potential lessees to assess their suitablility and obtain agreement to lease terms and conditions according to lessor instructions.  It includes lease document preparation and administration, approvals, payments and negotiating with both parties to formalise the lease agreement.

If you’d like to apply for a sales representative registration only, you will need to complete these Units of Competency from the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice. If you are interested in selling real estate, this course will equip you with all the knowledge needed about the legislation, ethics and professional standards needed when appraising, listing, marketing and selling  property.

Once you enrol and pay the fee, you will have 12 months to complete the course and the assessments.  Because you are learning online, you are completely free to work at your own pace to complete all the work required.  As you finish each unit and hand in your assessments, you can then move onto the next unit.

The online restricted Sales Reps registration course is only $1200.  An initial payment of $600 is required at enrolment with the balance of $600 required within four weeks of enrolment.

Each unit has lots of training resources to help you along the way, including manuals, videos, examples and case studies.  As you work through each unit there are some ‘practice’ assessments to help you develop your knowledge and understanding.  Once you have finished the content there are some final assessments for you to complete and upload to our Learning Management System.  Our assessor will review your assessments and deem you competent or not competent and give you feedback when required.

Yes!  We can provide lots of help, starting with all our training resources in our Learning Management System which include manuals, examples, forms, contracts, legislation and videos.

We also run regular Zoom sessions with our trainers and other students to concentrate on any tricky areas and to answer any questions you might have with the ‘practice’ assessments and to prepare for the final assessments.  We can also do face to face mentoring sessions as required.  Remember, we are here to help!

Once you have completed all required 13 units of competency you can then apply to DMIRS to be registered.

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