Mandatory CPD

“Tracey was brilliant, highly engaging and relevant.  It was all presented in a highly relatable way.  Thank you.”

“Jenny presented the course extremely well – thank you.”

– Tilda Grigoletto, Southside Realty

“Tracey is knowledgeable and interesting as per usual!  Always enjoyable.”
– Sam Sweeting Acton Mt Lawley

“Tracey is an engaging, professional presenter”.
– Jane Bayliss L J Hooker Belmont

“Great presenter, interesting and entertaining.”

 – Clare Seamer, Harcourts

” The Best presenter and content of any session of CPD course I have attended”

“Jenny is a great trainer and we are lucky she can impart all of her knowledge and experience”

“As always Jenny presented well”

“Precise, clear and great seminar. Best 3 point CPD so far.”
– Irene Reading, IJR Property

Perfecting Your Real Estate Knowledge

“An excellent CPD session on the industry, Tracey was so knowledgeable and has great energy, thanks for a great day.”   

Managing Tenancies During Covid-19

“Thank you very much.  Michelle was amazing at presenting the information in an easy to understand manner. I have already recommended this course to a few other PM’s I know. I also really like the flow charts & manual that we received prior to the course.  Definitely one of the best CPD sessions I have been to.  Have a great day!”  – May 2020

Cyber Securing Your Business

“The most interesting 7 point course I have attended, topical and current.  It scared the hell out of me as to how vulnerable my office is!”
– Max Comben, Sept 2020

“The presenter was brilliant!  He actually kept me interested.”
– PM Sept 2020

“Awesome presentation, so knowledgeable, I highly recommend the session, everyone should do it.”
– PM Sept 2020

Perfecting Dates and Forms

“The course I have done in years, Michelle has so much knowledge, thank you for sharing.”
– Sept 2020

Data and Identity Protection

“Increased awareness, we take a lot for granted.”
– 13/11/2019

“I need to take immediate action, outstanding content and presentation”.
– 11/09/19

“Loved the discussions regarding the cloud, best course I’ve done.” 
– 13/11/19

“A lot of things I didn’t know and will find useful.”

Commercial Focus

“I really liked the presentation from a legal perspective.  Most interesting CPD I have ever attended, first time I wasn’t bored out of my mind.”

“Relevant to my work, one of the most informative that I have attended.”

“Commercial property management need more workshop presentations like this one.  Excellent presentation and relevant to my work.”

“Darryl is a great presenter and I will be back next year.”

Leadership, Culture and Compliance

“Understanding leadership, what creates good culture and leaders and how to achieve, great presenter.” 
– 8/5/2019

“Great to learn more about leadership styles and how they affect the world, the community and the office.”
– Jan Di Rosso

“Outside the usual nuts and bolts training and thought provoking.” 
– 5/8/2019

“Challenging my through process regarding leadership in management and personal like, well delivered content and great presenter, thank you.”
– 8/5/2019

Commercial Pitfalls

“As an attendee at yesterdays course, I wanted to extend my thanks to you for the professional and engaging presentation of some very interesting material.  It was an absolute breath of fresh air to receive a course that is actually based on commercial matters.”

“Every real estate agent in Perth should do this course.”
– Ron Farris (Video Testimonial)

“Darryl is excellent and clear on regulations etc and commercial issues.”

“For the first time in the past few years of my ignominious experience with CPD events, I will walk away having learnt something that is pertinent to my business.”

“Great Presentation”

“Great course, speakers were interesting and engaging.”

“Literally the most relevant and informative course for commercial property managers that I have seen.”

Perfecting Customer Service and Manage Conflict and Disputes

“Richards experience in other industries mad the training exciting and interesting, highly recommend.”
– 26/11/2019

“Great! Can’t wait for the sessions next year with Richard.”
– 26/11/2019

“Everything today was definitely something I would take in and use in the future.”
– 26/11/2019

“Richard was very informative and very knowledgeable, thank you.”
– Jodi Darlington

“Very informative, good speaker, well organised and a difference to the normal REIWA course.”


“Both Peter & I attended the Resolving Conflict at Work interactive presentation by Richard
Boyd and i thought it would be poor of us not to send you this email.
Clearly this has been by far the best presentation that Peter & I have attended since the
introduction of the points system.

Richards was incredible in terms of his broad knowledge and the depth that he went into to
make the point clear and easy to understand.

The content, quality and thoroughness of the presentation was well above our expectations.
Both Peter and I are of the view that we should have met Richard 30 years ago.”

– Jennie Yujnovich,
Property Yields WA

Joint Form General Conditions and Communication Workshop AND Strata Sale Pitfalls

“Tracey was fantastic, the information presented was highly relevant.” 
– 23/10/2019

“Learnt a lot of useful information and very relevant to what we do, great session, very informative.”
– 23/10/2019

Resolve Conflict at Work

Our first presentation of this course was 15th October 2014, read this testimonial

General Feedback

“This was spot on. Richard has a unique capacity to engage his audience and keep the audience engaged through the whole day.  Richard’s level of high energy made his presentation far more effective than many others I have attended in the past.”
– Steve Harber (licensee)

“Fantastic content.  The ONLY CPD course I have ever enjoyed and actually learnt from.  Brilliant!”
– Property Manager

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